The NoBurglars.com Story

Hi.  Terry Rayburn here.

I was a Realtor for many years before starting NoBurglars in 2001.  So I could literally write a book about all the homes that have been broken into, burglarized, vandalized, and sometimes much worse for the people in these homes.

In 2001, I went on a mission:  To have every home in the Clarksville area with a Home Security System.

“That’s impossible,” you might say.

And you’re probably right.

But for the wonderful customers I’ve helped over the years, the mission has changed their lives.  How much it’s changed their lives we will never know.

We don’t know if they would have been the ones to have their homes emptied by burglars with a truck.

We don’t know if they would have had precious family photos stolen – or their identities stolen from computers or documents.

We don’t know if sentimental jewelry they’ve received from their loved ones over the years would have been taken.

We don’t know if they would have had their door kicked in at two o’clock in the morning and a gun pointed at their face by masked men…or worse.

But we know that all these things and worse happened to many, many people who did not have Home Security. And we know that similar things will happen virtually every day.

You may have heard the story of the boy who saw a man throwing stranded starfish into the ocean, one at a time.  He asked the man, “Why are you bothering?  There are millions of them every day, and you can’t help them all.”  And the man answered, “I can’t help them all, but I can help this one,” as he threw another one in the surf.

That’s what NoBurglars.com is about.  Helping one homeowner at a time to protect themselves, their precious families, and the things they’ve worked hard to enjoy.

And it works.

I would be honored to make it work for you.

Call me at (931) 278-2063 till 11 p.m.

Terry Rayburn

TN Lic#C1514 Power Home Technologies

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