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terry_2012 A Word From Terry Rayburn:

If You Knew Fully What Is Happening
In Clarksville

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You Would Have A Home Security System


You Can Have One . . . For FREE!

You’re Worth It . . .

your_family_is_worth_it  So Are They!


– There are no immune neighborhoods.

– Read the “9-1-1” Emergency Reports in the newspaper or online.

– The burglars are good at what they do.  Less than 10% are arrested – they may ransack your home, but seldom leave clues.

– More and more are violent and don’t even care if you’re home.

– They will do any desperate thing if they are cornered or in danger of going to jail.

– And they don’t share your love for your precious family, memories & keepsakes, special gifts, etc.

– They will ransack, destroy, or steal them in a heartbeat.


They HATE alarm systems!  And that’s why I love helping folks like you.  Call me now, while the Free Offer still stands.

A Happy Ending and A Sad Ending -You Really Ought To Hear This


 Don’t Let Unlicensed “Alarm People” Into Your Home – Please
Don’t be afraid to ask for their State Alarm License 

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What You Get


Deluxe 2-Gig Two-Way Voice 

Wireless Cellular Security System  — $1223 Value

$0 for Equipment!  $0 for Installation!


  • 1 Digital Touch Screen — Easy To Use
  • Two-Way Voice Wireless System
  • 1 Interior Siren — Scares burglars away!
  • 3 Wireless Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor — Pet Immune
  • Control from your Cell Phone from anywhere in the world through your account I give you free!
    Arm Right From Your Cell Phone
  • Weather radio with 4-Day Forecast, Temperature indoors and outdoors, plus Tornado Warning Alert!
  • Crash & Smash Technology so if a burglar smashes your system, the alarm will still be reported automatically!
  • 1 Backup Battery — Important!
  • Panic Buttons — Police, Fire, Medical
  • Cellular — No landline phone needed
  • 1 Professional Installation
  • Yard Sign and Decal Kit
  • Homeowners Insurance Discount (Including USAA!) up to 20%
  • Your Peace Of Mind — No extra charge 🙂

A Deluxe 2-Gig 2-Way-Voice
Wireless System!
$0 For Equipment – $0 For Installation



Lifetime Warranty Includes Batteries!

Call Terry Today!

Call (931) 278-2063 till 11 pm!

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10 Reasons To Have A Home Security System

1. New FBI statistics show that burglaries in Clarksville just don’t go away.  The burglars are unfortunately good at what they do!  If you watch the local paper you will see what I mean.

2. If you have a Home Security System, you are 15 times less likely to be broken into, than if you don’t.

3. The burglars literally go down the street . . . “They have an alarm…they have an alarm…they don’t have an alarm…I’ll break in the home that doesn’t have an alarm!” (Makes sense, doesn’t it?)

4. If you watch the “Local” section of the newspaper, you will see break-ins reported day after day after day…they never stop.  And if you think it only happens to “the other guy”, believe me that’s what the “other guy” thought before it happened to him.  (Are they usually caught? See #5)

5. If you watch the “arrests” part of the newspaper, you will hardly ever see anyone arrested for burglary.  Ever wonder why?  It’s because they either break in homes without alarms or they kick in a door to see if it’s armed.

6. Even if they do “try” a home with an alarm, they typically will pry open a door, and if the alarm goes off, they stop breaking in, and run away!  And yet…

7. More and more, break-ins take place even when you’re home!  This is called a “home invasion”, when the crooks just bust in the door.  Scary, but on the increase.

8. Our Home Security System actually gives you several “umbrellas” of protection:

— First, the yard sign and window stickers keep the “casual” burglar away.

— Second, if they did pry open a door, or enter and cross the path of the motion sensor while you’re away, the siren will typically scare them off.

— Third, when the alarm is set off, the professional monitoring staff is notified via phone line, and dispatches the police (we have a very fast response time).

9. There is always the possibility of bodily harm, since a burglar is desperate to avoid jail, of course.  But even when personal harm doesn’t occur, the average cost of a break-in has risen to over $2000 (I know of many much higher!).  And finally…

10. Burglars move fast.  They cover all the rooms fast, looking for TV’s, stereos, DVD players, guns, jewelry, money…you get the idea.  They are really, really good sometimes.  And remember, they hardly ever get caught.  And they don’t care what they mess up or destroy while they are speeding through your home.  Photos, mementos, gifts from grandma…things you don’t think about when you say it only happens to “the other guy”, or “my insurance will cover it”. 

 5 Silly Reasons Not To Get A Home Security System


 Hey, I’m with you!  Better not break into MY house.  But…

What if you weren’t home?  What if a family member was home, unable to defend themselves?  What if they broke in silently while you were sleeping?  What if they came in with their own gun?  Who would have the advantage?


Let’s face it, most of us waste massive amounts of money on Cokes, snacks, games, etc.  For about the cost of a Coke a day from the Minit Mart, you can protect your home and family, and it’s highly unlikely your budget will even notice.  The truth is, you can’t afford not to have an alarm, considering how much is being protected so inexpensively.


No comment on this one, because “duh” would be too rude 🙂


 Even if that were true, which it usually isn’t, more and more break-ins happen with the people home!  Often while sleeping!


I always urge folks to follow the “Local” section of the newspaper for a few days.  Why?  Because you will then know that there are no immune neighborhoods!  Burglars are everywhere.  Believe me, if you knew what I know (and this is my business), you would have a Home Security System.


A Special Word About Home Invasions

As I write this section, recently Clarksville had a two-week period in which there were nine major home invasions.  Seven of them resulted in violence (the other two may have also, except the homeowners literally escaped out of their own home!).  Three of these home invasions ended in death.

Home invasions happen at all times of the day and night, but a typical one happens after Midnight.  Doors are pried open or kicked in, masks are typically worn, and handguns are normal.  When you’re sleeping, your own gun is worthless, since they get the “drop” on you very quickly, sometimes even announcing themselves as “Police!” to confuse you.

You might ask, “Why would these guys take the awful risk of a home invasion, when they could just burglarize a house when no one was home?” 

The answer is simple: Cash!  Most people have at least some cash on hand, and the crooks don’t have to “fence” any goods.  Instant cash.  (By the way, if you don’t have any cash when they break in, it can be even worse, since they assume you are lying, and beat the “lying” homeowner or worse.)

Anyway, here are three recent (and unfortunately typical) actual home invasions in Clarksville:

Home Invasion #1 — At approximately 2:12 a.m. three men with guns kicked in the door of this unfortunate family’s home.  There were seven people sleeping, including five children, ages 4 to 12.

  When the gunmen kicked in the door, they shouted that they were from the Clarksville Police Department.  The man and woman raised their hands, then immediately realized that it was not the police.

  One of the gunmen repeatedly hit the woman over the head with his gun, demanding money.  Then he pulled the 4-year-old boy out of his bed by his arm, held his pistol to the boy’s head, and threatened to kill the boy if he wasn’t given money.

  The men “received some property”, and fled, thank God.  But that 4-year-old boy will likely never be the same.  Neither will the others in the home.

  As you read about home invasion #2 below, think what could have happened to that 4-year old or the others in the home.

  If only they’d had a security system.

  Home Invasion #2 – As many as four armed men kicked in the front door of a Clarksville home at 1:50 in the morning.

  They entered the home, demanding money.  There were two men, one woman and two kids (ages 11 and 16) in the house.  The homeowner, who was not hurt, was awakened by gunfire.  The invaders had shot the other man in the home — dead.

  The homeowner grabbed a handgun and exchanged fire with the invaders before they fled.

  One dead.  Several traumatized.

  If only they’d had a security system.

Home Invasion #3This most recent home invastion happened just the other day, as this is being written.

Two intruders kicked in the front door, wearing masks and carrying handguns.  They ran to the Master Bedroom, pointed a gun in the face of the wife, demanding money.

The husband, bless his heart, started to get a little brave in protecting his wife.  They beat him over the head with one of the guns.

They got their cash, and thankfully fled.

If only they’d had a security system.


 Why Should You Get Your Security System

 From Terry Instead Of Anyone Else?

Excellent question.

Do you know what the two most important elements of Home Security are?

1. SPEED of monitoring is numero uno 

We have lightning fast response time!  No equipment “dialer delays”, no artificial wait times, and no shortage of emergency operators like other alarm companies.

When there is a REAL emergency, and you need help NOW, other companies (even a very famous big one…wink) can actually be more dangerous than not having an alarm!  Why?  Because you EXPECT immediate service, it doesn’t come, and now you’re in too much trouble to call 911.

This is a disgrace, but those companies put right in their contract with you that if they don’t respond in a timely manner…too bad…nothing you can do about it.

2. TECHNOLOGY is number two in importance. 

The classic old system where the siren goes off, and the command center phones you, is a dinosaur to today’s savvy crooks.

We use the latest in technology, including the following:

Wireless & Cellular equipment, so we don’t have to do a bunch of drilling and running wires in your home, and you don’t use a landline phone that the burglars can foil by cutting the wire.

Two-way Voice (like OnStar® for your home).  If you have a break-in when you’re not home, the command center can actually hear what’s going on with the crooks and pass it on to the police, so they know it’s for real and not just a false alarm.

Or if you have a home invasion, a fire, a medical emergency, or other emergency, you don’t have to answer or hold a telephone.  You can talk back and forth with the command center while you do what you need to do.

A free account comes with your service.  This allows you to arm and disarm your system from your cell phone from anywhere in the world.  It also allows you to change pass codes, etc., right online with no human interference.

Crash and Smash Technology.   With any system, when you come home you have typically 30 seconds to walk in the door, go to your touchpad, and disarm the system.

Well, the CROOK has the same 30 seconds to take a crowbar or baseball bat and bust the touchpad off the wall, AND THE SYSTEM IS DEAD! (Obviously the salesman doesn’t tell you that upfront – in fact they may “fib” and tell you it still will work…it won’t!

With our system, as soon as the crook breaks and opens a door, a signal goes in to your free Mobile Connect account, and if no one disarms the system in 30 seconds, EVEN IF THE CROOK TOTALLY DESTROYS THE SYSTEM, your Mobile Connect account automatically sets your alarm off, and help will be on the way!

                   More Reasons To Get Your Security System

         From Terry Instead Of Anyone Else

Those first two reasons are the most important – Rapid Response Time and High Tech Equipment.

But WAIT!!  THERE’S MORE!!!, as those irritating TV infomercials say 🙂

3. FREE Equipment – FREE Installation

We give you about $1200 of equipment at no charge, and never charge for installation upfront charge, and it’s not unusual for come companies to charge $600 or $800 for a BASIC system, when they can get away with it).

4. High-Tech Beautiful Equipment

The equipment is 2-Gig!  The system is not only very High Tech, but it designed and engineered for beauty, simplicity, smoothness, and ease-of-use. Think Steve Jobs for the alarm industry.

The pad is a back-lit digital TOUCH SCREEN.  Beautiful.

It even has a 4-Day Weather Forecast & Tornado Warning Alert built right in!

5. Experienced Installer/Technicians

Some companies hire and fire installers regularly.  Some know what they’re doing, some don’t.  If you get one who is not experienced, you may not know how he’s messed your home up until he’s already gone.

Our Installers have many years experience!  By the time they leave your home you won’t know they’ve been there, except for the beautiful equipment you have.  They’re great.

6. Life-Time Warranty

For as long as you own your home.

7. Okay, This Last One’s A Little Embarrassing

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

It’s about me, Terry.

I started NoBurglars in 2001 after many years as a Realtor.  I’ve lived in Clarksville since 1986.  As you might imagine, I could write a book about the break-ins, burglaries, home invasions, and other invasive crimes that take place EVERY DAY in our town, which most people really have little knowledge of, until it happens to them.

I love Clarksville, but I also love giving my customers the peace of mind that comes from Home Security.  I stay on the cutting edge of security technology, and even though our monitoring is nationwide, it’s good to have a local representative who is not going to leave town after he gets you set up with your security.

I’ve provided Security Sytems for the Division Command Sergeant-Major at Ft. Campbell, the head Football Coach at APSU, and hundreds and hundreds of others, and have an A+ BBB Rating.

I literally don’t think there is ANY advantage to working with ANY other company for your security, but if you hear of any, I want to know.  Seriously.

Some Final Points:

1. If you already have security equipment in your home, we will upgrade you with some brand new equipment for free!  That way you start out with fresh equipment, plus it allows us to give you a Lifetime Warranty for free.

2. No land-line phone needed! We have Cellular technology!

3. Terry is LOCAL here in Clarksville, but monitoring is nationwide.  If you’ve dealt with out-of-towners, you will be happy to hear that I’m right down the street from you.  Yet if you move away, you can get a new free system and just continue on with your same account!

Terry Rayburn

Call (931) 278-2063 till 11 pm!

Email: terry AT

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